Curator Roy Bigler’s hanging of this show made the show.  Work by 18 artists, each with their own voice; the talent and acumen that Roy demonstrated in displaying the work was exacting.

Terry Durst took over the basement beneath the gallery.  A common area for the building (i.e. laundry area, storage for tenants, etc . . .)   Terry helped clean and organize the basement to make a space for himself.  Socks: an imposition of more than 100 socks hung from clotheslines created aisles to walk through in the basement.  Aisles lined with singular unmatched socks.

Terry’s piece began a tradition of basements shows that would continue for the nest five years.   Though the main floor was the the “gallery” with scheduled shows, there was a ready supply of artists that wanted a show in the basement.

Bruce Edwards submitted a piece entitled “White – Out.”  Each day he came to the gallery with that day’s Plain Dealer, and placed it neatly on the top of yesterdays newspaper and then dribbled/painted white latex paint across the front page.  This was a continuation of the white canvas he painted white during Making It.   This also inspired Terry to put “Grey-Out” in the basement directly beneath Bruce’s piece.   Each week he would bring in that weeks Free Times and paint its cover with grey paint.

Laila Voss, continuing the Making It theme, installed tape recorders in opposing corners of the gallery.  They contained a related taped conversation regarding art and was intended to be fragmented.  The space between the recorders created the effect of talking and not being heard.  Moreover the two recorders ran at slightly different speeds, further fragmenting the conversation. which added to the effect.

new work by artists
that have exhibited at
Southside / Brandt Gallery 1990-1995

5th anniversary show, Roy Bigler, curator
Roy Bigler, Terry Durst, Wayne Draznin, Bruce Edwards, Frank Green, Stephanie R. Haynes, Sally Hudak, Michael Hurley, David Madigan, Mikel Mahoney, Craig Martin, Derek Mason, David Newlin, Bobbie Roache, Thaddeus Root, Steven B. Smith, Eric Susyne, Laila Voss

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