All-Acoustic AVB Video Extravaganza Saturday February 23, 4 – 7 p.m.

All-Acoustic AVB Video Extravaganza

Live Bait Recording Foundation and Brandt Gallery present
VIDEO SCREENING from Audio Visual Baptism #13 “All-Acoustic”
held February 21, 2010 (almost three years ago)

In addition to a POWERSTRIP OF CROCKPOTS (additions welcome), we’ll be featuring video of performances by:

Beard of Chipmonks
Michael James
Tempered Decay (featuring Steve Petrus)
Tom Orange
Jack Smiley
Temple Fugate
A Gaze Blank & Pitiless (feat. Roman J)
Dead Peasant Insurance
Throbbing Griswold

Additional video surprises from the LBRF archives will be screened!

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