April in February work by Larry Zuzik, February 11 – March 5, 2011

April in February

I have a BFA in studio art from Kent State University (1980). I also acquired an ohio k-12 visual arts teaching certificate from Cleveland State University (2002), (although I never got a teaching job).

I have worked as a portrait artist in Hawai’i and Holland. I enjoy life drawing and portraiture which I do weekly with fellow artists for many years now.I have had one gallery show and occasionally show in group exhibitions. I work as a landscaper in cleveland hts. and currently live in s. euclid, ohio with my two new cats blondie and van.

Artist’s statement:

Mostly I’ve always liked drawing the best. I love lines and shapes in artwork; a flat page creating an illusion of depth or roundness. I’ve never had an aptitude for sculpture or anything three dimensional. I could never visualize what the other side of something looked like. And as I draw I don’t think about what the back of something or someone is shaped like because I’m too busy trying to draw relatively accurately what I’m looking so intensely at. I only care what it looks like on the paper, (and I love paper w/simple basic drawing media and tools.) I love the illusion (magic/trickery?) of flat (2D) art which I feel sculpture lacks (it’s too real…)   With drawing and painting we’re really just fooling the human brain-( a co-operative venture to be sure.)

I guess the human form is my favorite subject to draw: life drawing and portraiture are the most challenging and rewarding subjects. I always draw each life drawing model/pose as a specific and unique person i.e. a portrait.

I don’t like generic generalized drawings of humans in any form. I try so hard to make the drawing look accurate esp. in portraiture. I totally admire any artist who can capture something with an economy of means, including caricaturists and political cartoonists.

My favorite artists and major influences are Asiatic art/calligraphy, Japanese woodcuts (w/ mt. fuji always!), Rembrandt, van Gogh, Egon Schiele, Picasso. Matisse and all the great draughtsmen. Also I am a huge fan of Betty Edwards book  ”Drawing on the Right side of the Brain” which is the best book on drawing (accurately!) there is. I also give drawing lessons based on this system.

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