ART-WORKS-TALKS with Orange, Sopko and Luna

On Friday, May 14, three Cleveland artists invite you to cozy on up to art, circle round it, stare into it like a backyard bonfire, take its pulse… Come on over and converse awhile in the very place where art, life and magic make their collective home.

7:00 pm- Author and noise musician Tom Orange performs “The Well-Tuned Autoharp,” an original composition inspired by the music of La Monte Young.

8:00 pm- Writer and custodian Kate Sopko riffs on feminist performance artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles and her long career looking into the meaning of maintenance work. Come by and take a minute looking at the deceivingly simple question, ‘Who Does Your Art/Work?’

9:00 pm- Musician and DJ Jose Luna reprises an inter-media piece originally titled “Digital Detournement for Josef Albers” with an original, live ethno-electro-acoustic score.

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