Brandt 21

  • Brandt 21 Information

    2011 marked the 21st anniversary of one of the first and longest running art galleries in the Tremont neighborhood.  Jean Brandt:  lawyer, musician, poet, and patron of the arts, operated a venue for new and established artists to exhibit their work in Cleveland.  In honor of that 21 years of Brandt Gallery and Ms. Brandt’s ongoing dedication and promotion of area artists and the Tremont Artwalk, Steven Mastroianni and Dana Depew organized this retrospective exhibition.

  • Terry Durst

    I work mostly with found and acquired objects to create sculpture and installation work.  I also make paintings.  I have shown in galleries and in juried shows since graduation from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, in 1987.  I have also taught visual art between the years 2003 – 2008, both at Cuyahoga Community College and at The Cleveland Institute of Art.  At Tri-C I taught classes in Visual Design, Photography, and Art Appreciation.  At CIA I taught classes in Foundations Painting and also a class I was able to design myself in the David Lynch television series Twin Peaks.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Olde Stuff – A Retrospective, September 1990
    Minor Art, July 1992
    Alibi by Jesus H Christ, December 1993
    St. of Kine, October 1994
    5yrS – Socks, October 1995
    Sleeps with Angel Food Cakes, July 1996
    Spaces – sculptures, September 1997
    The Gene Durst Show, February 1998
    New Work, March 1999

  • Mona Gazala

    Born and raised in Cleveland by Palestinian parents, Mona Gazala takes her visual cues from a combination of the post-industrial landscape (both construction and decay) and images from antiquity.  Her artwork often incorporates borrowed images and/or borrowed words, repeated and reworked to give them a meaning uniquely that of the artist.
    Gazala, active as an artist in both Cleveland and Columbus, has recently founded the a non-profit organization called the Cleveland West Art League, which supports the independent arts scene by promoting exhibitions, opportunities and artistic exchange for the enrichment of our community.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    History/Hystery, May 1998

  • Edward Shalala

    Like the actual materials, the experience is both nostalgic, yet, new. Retro, still, modern.

    Although highly visual in nature, the scale and texture of these works explore other sensory perceptions. The sculptures explore personal themes relating to self-exploration, particularly, my own questions regarding breaking down, being re-built, and how many times “rebirth” can occur. Is it then new or different? The usage of light reflects the idea that these discarded and unwanted objects can transcend the boundaries of “trash” into something to be desired. What was once broken and empty is now full of light and has been carefully nursed back to health and utilization.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Minimalist Painting June – July 2010

  • Laila Voss

    Return to the Sea #1 - oilstick on paper, 10.12" x 7.5", $400

    Through accumulation and juxtaposition Voss explores urban as well as psychological landscapes. She has exhibited installations, performances, sculptures and drawings in the United Sates and abroad. Her multi media installations have been included in such nationally recognized exhibitions as Urban Evidence: Contemporary Artists Reveal Cleveland or international exhibitions such as The Ninth International Shoebox Exhibition, University of Hawaii, Honolulu. She has been the recipient of numerous commissions, grants and residencies, including several grants from the Ohio Arts Council and Myers School of Art. Examples of artist-in-residence awards are FCCA Prague, the Czech Republic and the Headlands Center for the Arts.

    Laila Voss has also completed several public art projects including Hyacinth Park Gardens in Slavic Village. In addition, she recently installed a private outdoor sculpture commission Garden Noir, Jardin du Jour, in Cleveland.
    Voss is a SPACES Board Member and teaches art the Myers School of art, University of Akron.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Making It, May 1995

  • Jess Wheelock

    Jess is an artist currently living and working in Cambridge, MA. When Jess was young, she thought that she didn’t have enough problems to be an artist. Now she realizes that she has all sorts of problems. Maybe it’s a bad idea to say that she has “problems” because that is sort of a vague and loaded word. I mean, when a person says “problems” maybe you imagine something really big and awful. But sometimes little problems are big problems, if you know what I mean. And anyways, not all problems are bad. Well, problems are bad, but they’re also occasions for opportunity. Or that’s what people like to say when its time to make the best out of a situation.
    Maybe this is getting confusing. Let’s try this again. Jess is interested in making fun out of problems – making fun with failure and calamity.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    New Work by the Old and Defeated Jess Wheelock, January 2006

  • Ben Parsons

    Sweetgum - mixed media on canvas, 14\

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Rags of Light July – August 1998

  • Jerry Mann

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Hands – Recollections of Dad, September 1996
    Proofing the Years, April 2000
    For Art, February – March 2007

  • Peter Dell

    A photograph that is a factual representation ofan object doesn’t impart the same excitement tome, as art that is open to interpretation. I strive topresent works that tap into that space between one’simagination and the “real” world. My favorite works often result from serendipitousmistakes that happen in the process of creation, orresult from accidents of the mechanical processes. This correlates to the early surrealist processeslike “automatic writing” and games like “the exquisitecorpse.” I believe we live in a world of mistakes anderrors, which serve to foster our imagination.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Transparent Architecture, August 2010

  • Jayce Renner

    Jayce Renner uses custom-built software as a tool to produce art. He learned programming while working at companies that market appliances, bank accounts, and what-not. The art results from a transformation of commerce. Each image in the Curve Set series takes one or more curved lines as a starting point, moves each line across the image step-by-step, manipulating the line’s characteristics with each increment. Undulating planes result from this progression. The generated images invite the viewer into landscapes of color.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:

    Curve Set, June 2009

  • Kathy Ireland Smith (aka Lady K)

    Kathy Ireland Smith a.k.a. ‘Lady K’  and “Har-vessel” is an artist and poet from Tremont, Ohio. Har collects items it finds on its running and walking routes for use in art. It believes the point of art is to venerate the possibilities and abundance and experience of Creation, to create new possibilities for introspection via virtual landscapes in art, and to muse over what Eye finds interesting via organic growth, process, plan and serendipitous accident.
    This particular piece, “On,” features sunglass lenses found in Tremont. Har believes lenses help Art see. The pockmarks are features of interest to Har and help it understand ideas about beauty. Every “thing” is beautiful and intends to be good within its context of understanding, therefore it all is good, but some parts are more good than other parts. This is a rough description of Har and Art and is not complete; perhaps there is much to learn about Har and Art!

  • Bruce Edwards

    As an Artist working for the past 20 some years exploring everything from sculpture, performance, printmaking, photography, I find that sometimes looking back that there is a seeming lack of continuity to my work, perhaps my life, and thoughts. I get interested in an Idea and pursue it with singular focus. At this time I have converted my Studio to a screen print shop, and have placed the goal of printing one new image each week. At this time I have been on that line for about 6 weeks. I have been printing at my studio since May of 2008. The one a week has happened since I have finished the conversion from part sculpture studio/ auto shop to a workable print studio.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Making It, May 1995
    Carving, April 1997
    Gestures, January 2000
    Blondes and Boys with Gun, September 2010

  • Daiv Whaley

  • Vincent Como

    Toward Singularity is an ongoing project by Brooklyn based artist Vincent Como which will launch in the gallery space of the storage unit that is Sommerkampf to display and disseminate a series of new work on paper.  The singularity in question refers to the infinitely small and infinitely dense point toward which all things move within the gravitational pull of a Black Hole; the final inescapable destination of all that dare cross the Event Horizon.  In utilizing the pedestrian vernacular of standard 8.5 x 11 inch xeroxed pages rather than traditional fine art materials Como has produced an unlimited edition of Black printouts which will be made freely available in order to spread the infinite blackness of that singularity to potentially any and everyone who comes in contact with the project.  This then, splits reality into two distinct realities for the viewer: one wherein the singularity is the physical manifestation at Sommerkampf and another, where the singularity is this individual page removed from the location.  These two distinct realities may then coincide or conflict with any number of other realities as experienced by the individuals who engage the piece, as none of their experiences will be exactly the same.  Rather, they will each be processed through the various possible combinations of physical receptors and experienced histories informing their view(s).  By branching out in this way, the project then begins the journey toward an infinite singularity, a collective subconscious singularity, a thorough eradication and collapse of all these previous realities into yet another; an end reality.  One that will take all of those different potential culminations of realities over thousands of years and with the final breath of human consciousness, give in to the singular manifest nothingness.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Untitled (Inflated Space), July 1999

  • Milenko Budimir

    Miles Budimir is a Cleveland-area writer, editor, and photographer. His half of the two-person show at Brandt Gallery in the spring of 2009, titled “Seeing the City”, combined his love of photography with his abiding love for the city and its architecture. Miles has also exhibited work in numerous group exhibitions including the Fine Arts Association Juried Show in Willoughby, the JCC Juried Show in Mayfield Hts. and Beachwood, and the FAVA Six-State Photography Show in Oberlin, among others.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Seeing the City: Architectural Photographs, April 2009

  • Justin Brennan

    My artwork deals with raw human emotion that is often represented through abstract portraits, figures or completely abstract images. I use saturated colors in most of my work because this is how I see our world and society plainly, dismally, and vividly. Human emotions are the focus of my work, although the emotional content of my work is sometimes revealed to me after the work is complete.
    I am influenced by the skateboard and urban art that surrounded me in my adolescence growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. Other strong influences include Primitive art and the German and Abstract Expressionists.
    I hope this statement helps you better appreciate my work. I sincerely look forward to you taking something from my art that has escaped me.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Juxtaposition November 2010

  • Judith Brandon

    Earthquakes, tornados, tidal waves, volcanoes: the Earth is teeming with what seems to be a new era of extreme weather. We are feeling vulnerable to Mother Nature’s power. It’s an ancestral gene that’s there to remind of us of our impermanence, and that we should try to do better while we’re here. I have always felt a strong connection to the planet, and I am constantly evaluating these crazy natural events when I sit down to work. When I put brush to paper I am having a dialogue with the planet and my materials.  I sponge the natural world, absorbing the drama, beauty and sadness, and reinterpreting it in ink and charcoal on paper. Mine is an emotional connection, in multiple layers of random washes, honed down into one narrative moment of nature. Some of the most beautiful things in life are also the most frightening. That’s where I like to be when working.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    New Work, April 1998
    New Work, July 1999

  • Preston Buchtel

    The piece exhibited is a digitally assembled photographic collage, which is from a bodyof work I’ve been developing for the past few years.
    I began exploring digital photo manipulation in an effort to see what it had to offer me and my work, and how I might use it as a medium for expression. I also wanted to find a way of working with it as intuitively and with the same immediacy that my paintingsand physical collages offered.
    What I find most interesting about this medium, is the ability it offers to layer multiple images and fragments, and control their degree and manner of integration with oneanother, thus offering many possibilities for the visual creation, destruction, and manipulation of space, time, form, meaning, narrative, and perception, through which new totalities can be constructed.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Pieces. And Measures for Nothing, February 2000
    Waiting for the Moment Before, May 2011

  • Sally Hudak

    Sally Hudak is a resident of Cleveland Heights, OH and teaches art at Beaumont School. A graduate of Cleveland State with a degree in Art and Art Education, she also attended Cooper School of Art. Hudak works with clay, varied materials and found objects, creating sculptural works and performative action pieces. She has exhibited at area galleries including Brandt Gallery, Asterisk, SPACES, Cleveland State Gallery and was a featured performer in the Cleveland International Performance Art Festival.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Seeking the Ether, March 2000
    For Art, February – March 2007

  • Christopher Kaspar

    For the past few years I have been pushing the boundaries and meaning of what

    Painting and Photography can be. I want to push the ideas of what a photograph is and how painting can play a part in the manipulation of traditional black and white photography. I do not use traditional cropping. Purposely leaving a portion of the photo blank gives me the space and opportunity to change the photograph into something else. I use acrylic paint, ink, marker, and bleach to manipulate the photograph. The work you see before you is a collection of artworks that use these techniques to manipulate the photograph.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Mirrored Images, February 2009
    Juxtaposition November 2010

  • Mark Keffer

    My current paintings are based on the work of pioneering Ohio modernist William Sommer (1867-1949). I use altered elements from his paintings to create layers of imagery — essentially employing a system of successive improvisations. I follow in the wake of his explorations, but I do so in a way that adheres to my own sensibility. I’m interested in where our sensibilities overlap.
    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Romantic Hardware, August 1995
    The Flower for Disappearing – Paintings, December 2005

  • Mikel Mahoney

    A graduate of Warrensville Heights High School, Mikel also attended Cleveland’s Cooper School of Art.  While taking classes at Cleveland State University further back than he’s willing to admit, he started a comic strip and produced editorial cartoons for the university’s Vindicator newspapers. Soon after he found work at the historic Cleveland Call and Post newspaper where he spent ten years as a designer and national award winning editorial cartoonist.
    He’s exhibited works of art at Tremont’s Brandt Gallery, The Valley Art Center in Chagrin Falls, Fairmount Center for the Arts, several private showings, and the Friends of the Cleveland Kennel’s Art Fur Animals Art Show and Auction.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Editorial Mural, September 1992
    Random Acts of Creativity, December 2009

  • Steven Mastroianni

    Steven Mastroianni is a full time professional photographer and photography instructor at the college level, and has been working as an artist and photographer in the Cleveland area since 1988. He has a BFA in photography from The Cleveland Institute of Art, where he also studied painting, printmaking, and video.

    Steven is the owner and operator of  Mastroianni Photography and Arts, a photographic studio and art gallery in the historic Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. The studio is located at 2688 W. 14th St; hours are by appointment as well as the second Friday of every month for the Tremont Art Walk.

    His original photographs are included in the collection of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and many private collections.

    He has shown in over 25 solo and group shows including solo and group shows at Brandt Gallery in 2006

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:

    I Would Break Into Blossom, March 2006

  • Phoebe Marie Nelson

    Deliciously Odd
    digital print of collage
    16” x 16”

    I have never believed in artist statements. I hate them and more often than not they make me hate art I would have otherwise liked if I hadn’t been told what to make of it. I want the people who look at my pieces to see what they want to see. That is what makes it personal to me.
    As for a bio… I grew up in the art world, and there is no other world I’d rather live in and be annoyed by.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    My Love for you is not Defined by the Things I do not Tell You, March 2010

  • Nancy Prudic

    Performance, clay and rope, installed in Lincoln Park

    Nancy Prudic received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her work is concept driven and includes performance, installation, and sculpture. She lives in Cleveland and has exhibited locally, regionally, and nationally. She is presently Associate Professor of Visual Art at Lake Erie College. She serves on the exhibition committee at the Sculpture Center and is a founding member of the Board of Trustees at Arts Collinwood and member of the gallery committee. She had a solo exhibition at Brandt Gallery, participated in several Lantern Festivals at the Cleveland Museum of Art including as a guest artist, and traveled to China and Thailand where she was a visiting artist at the Thai Chinese International Institute in Bangkok. She has also worked collaboratively on a project for the 7th Annual Food For Thought, a dance incubator, with choreographer Lisa DeCato.

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
    Corporeal Meditations – August 2004

  • John Ranally

    John Ranally

    Dragon Cup

    Owner and foundry craftsman for Studio Foundry, a regional art cast facility, offering lost wax investment casting service for the Midwest. Studio Foundry works directly with artists to execute casting from original sculpture, delivering a bronze ready to install.  We cover all aspects of the mold making to finishing and patination.

    Ohio University, BFA, sculpture

    Cleveland Museum of Art May Show, 1976 and 1993

    previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:

    Things that Pass Through My Hands, November 1999

  • Brandt21 runs through October 8

    This year marks the 21st anniversary of Brandt Gallery, one of the first and longest running art galleries in the Tremont neighborhood. In recognition of Jean Brandt’s ongoing dedication and promotion of area artists and the Tremont Artwalk, Dana Depew and Steven Mastroianni have organized a retrospective of artists who have shown at Brandt gallery.

    Brandt Gallery (1028 Kenilworth) Saturday September 17,   Noon – 6 p.m.

    Mastroianni Arts (2688 West 14th Street) Saturday September 17  Noon – 3 p.m.

    Participating artists:

    Robert Banks
    Emily Blaser
    Judith Brandon
    Justin Brennan
    Beth Bryan
    Preston Buchtel
    Milenko Budimir
    Vincent Como
    Pete Dell
    Denver Dell
    Dana Depew
    Stephe DK
    Pamela Dodds
    Lauren Dombrowiak
    Terry Durst
    Bruce Edwards
    Mona Gazala
    Collette Gschwind
    Jacci Hammer
    Tim Herron
    Sally Hudak
    Christopher Kapsar
    Matk Keffer
    Kenn Louis
    Mikel Mahoney
    Charlotte Mann
    Jerry Mann
    Steven Mastroianni
    Shawn Mishak
    Michelle Marie Murphy
    David Novak
    Phoebe Marie Nelson
    Tom Orange
    Anastasia Pantsios
    Ben Parsons
    Cynthia Penter
    Scott Pickering
    Nancy Prudic
    John Ranally
    Jayce Renner
    Victoria Semarjian
    Edward Shalala
    David Skutnik
    Kathy Smith
    Steven B Smith
    Steve Stanaszek
    David Szekeres
    Dan Tranberg
    Terri P Tufts
    Russell Vidrick
    Laila Voss
    Daiv Whaley
    Jessica Wheelock
    Maria Winiarski
    Beth Yurich
    Larry Zuzik

    Exhibit runs through the month at both galleries.

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