BRANDT21 Exhibition

The following pieces of art are part of the Brandt21 Exhibit.   The exhibition is at two locations:

Brandt Gallery – 1208 Kenilworth
Mastroianni Arts – 2688 West 14th Street

Robert Banks

untitled, black and white photograph, 15" x 15" by Robert Banks, $200 - Brandt Gallery

Emily Blaser
Brown Study 1
intaglio print
3” x 3”
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Judith Brandon

Earth, mixed media painting by Judith Brandt, $300 - Mastroianni Arts

Justin Brennan

Woman #3, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30" by Justin Brennan, $225 - Brandt Gallery

Beth Bryan

Blue Fire Horses, Print/ContePencil/Wood/Fire, 8" x 10" by Beth Bryan, SOLD - Brandt Gallery

Proud Horses, Print/Pastel/Acrylic/Wood, 8" x 10", by Beth Bryan $75.00 - Brandt Gallery

Preston Buchtel

Colossus, photographic collage/archival pigment print, 9.33" x 7.00" by Preston Buchtel, SOLD - Mastroianni Arts

Milenko Budimir

April, Giclee print, 10" x 8" by Milenko Budimir, $150 - Brandt Gallery

Vincent Como

Toward Singularity, Toner on Paper, 8.5" x 11", by Vincent Como, unlimited edition - Brandt Gallery

Pete Dell

American Wire and Steel, Demo 2, Cleveland, OH, color photograph, 13' x 19" by Pete Dell, $145 - Mastroianni Arts

Dana Depew

The Grass is Greener, oil, acrylic, latex and enamel on vintage chennile, 28" x 28" by Dana Depew, $200 - Mastroianni Arts

Stephe DK

Unfinished Narrative, acrylic, 24" x 30" by Stephe DK, $161 - Mastroianni Arts

Pamela Dodds

Love Dance IX, linocut, 7” x 9” by Pamela Dodds, SOLD - Brandt Gallery

Lauren Dombrowiak

Sculpture by Lauren Dombrowiak, POR - Mastroianni Arts

Terry Durst

I Hear Music From Another Room From Another Time and Place - found materials, 8" x 10" by Terry Durst, $300 - Brandt Gallery

Bruce Edwards

Car Chase #6, serigraph print, 26" x 20" by Bruce Edwards, $250 - Mastroianni Arts

Mona Gazala

Times New Roman, mixed media, 48" x 19" by Mona Gazala, $400 - Mastroianni Arts

Jacci Hammer

Ancient Princess, mixed media, 14' x 18" by Jacci Hammer, $100 - Brandt Gallery

Tim Herron

Man of Steel - pastel, 31" x 40" by Tim Herron, $250 - Mastroianni Arts

Sally Hudak

Pod #5, smoke fired, red earthenware clay, slip, iron oxide, 10" x 5" x 3.5" by Sally Hudak, $150 - Mastroianni Arts

Christopher Kaspar

Baby Torok, black and white photograph, manipulated with bleach and ink by Christopher Kaspar, $200 - Mastroianni Arts

Mark Keffer

Sommer Sequence (Still Life), acrylic and spray paint on masonite, 24" x 24" by Mark Keffer, $1,000 - Mastroianni Arts

Kenn Louis

Ice Cream Headache, silk screen by Kenn Louis, SOLD - Mastroianni Arts.

Steamed, silk screen by Kenn Louis, SOLD - Mastroianni Arts.

Mecca - nacea, silk screen by Kenn Louis, SOLD - Mastroianni Arts.

Mikel Mahoney

Rhythm Don’t Hide, print, 9.25” x 11.5” by Mikel Mahoney, $100 - Brandt Gallery

Charlotte Mann

Kurdistan (S.E. Turkey), silver gelatin print, 19" x 12.5" by Charlotte Mann, $225 - Mastroianni Arts

Jerry Mann

Timothy W. Lloyd, Pinhole photograph, silver gelatin print, 16" x 20" by Jerry Mann

Steven Mastroianni

After Seedsource, color print, 30" x 24" by Steven Mastroianni, $500 - Brandt Gallery

Celeste McCarty
(image update later)

Shawn Mishak

Ego Trip, watercolors, 8" x 12" by Shawn Mishak, SOLD - Brandt Gallery

Michelle Marie Murphy

USA Lottery Winner, Tami Senoff of CA won 11 million in 2008, acrylic and U.S. currency, 6" x 2.5" by Michelle Marie Murphy, $40 - Mastroianni Arts

Phoebe Marie Nelson

Deliciously Odd - digital print of collage, 16" x 16" by Phoebe Marie Nelson, $200 - Mastroianni Arts

David Novak

Our Lady of Macska, Berlin, color print, 12 x 18" by David Novak, $150 - Brandt Gallery

Tom Orange and Marcia Brown

Untitled, cyanotype and letterpress on paper, 10" x 22", Tom Orange and Marcia Brown, $200 - Brandt Gallery

Anastasia Pantsios

Rick Flair, Starcade, Omni Atlanta, black and white photograph, 16" x 20" by Anastasia Pantsios, $150 - Brandt Gallery

Ben Parsons

Sweetgum, mixed media on canvas, 14" x 16" by Ben Parsons, SOLD - Brandt Gallery

Cynthia Penter
(entry and image update later)

Scott Pickering

Mouse - acrylic, pastel, marlar on canvas 16” x 20" by Scott Pickering, SOLD - Brandt Gallery

Nancy Prudic

Untitled, clay and tree, installation by Nancy Prudic, POR - Lincoln Park

John Ranally

Dragon Cup, bronze by John Ranally, $250 - Mastroianni Arts

Jayce Renner

Curve Set 21, archival print, 32" x 24" by Jayce Renner, $1,000 - Brandt Gallery

Edward Shalala

Martha's Vineyard, MA, string, documentary black and white photograph, 11" x 14" by Edward Shalala - Mastroianni Arts

Kathy Ireland Smith (aka Lady K)

On, collage, 8" x 9.5" by Kathy Ireland Smith, $100 - Mastroianni Arts

Steven B. Smith

White Magic, mixed media, 18" x 14" by Steven B. Smith, $100 - Mastroianni Arts


Necklace, brass by Stan, $80 - Mastroianni Arts

Necklace, brass by Stan, $80 - Mastroianni Arts

David Szekeres
(entry and image update later)

Dan Tranberg

Untitled (pink), mixed media, 9" x 12" by Dan Tranberg, POR - Brandt Gallery.

Terri P. Tufts

Entropy One-Five-Six, panel #116 mixed media, 8" x 8" by Terri P Tufts, SOLD - Mastroianni Arts

Russell Vidrick and Tom Orange

Brandt21 Poetry Anthology, book, edited by Russell Vidrick and Tom Orange, $5 - Brandt Gallery

Laila Voss

Return to the Sea #1, oilstick on paper, 10.12" x 7.5" by Laila Voss, $400 - Brandt Gallery

Daiv Whaley

Bringin in the (technicolor) Sheaves, polaroid celluloid print, 4.5” x 4.5” by Daiv Whaley, $100 - Brandt Gallery

Jess Wheelock

Self Portrait. two digital prints, 10" x 14" by Jess Wheelock, SOLD - Brandt Gallery

Maria Winiarski

Bass Player, mixed media on wood panel, 10" x 18" by Maria Winiarski, $225 - Mastroianni Arts

ElisaBETH Ross Yurich

Tattoo Baby, acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12" by Elizabeth Ross Yurich, SOLD - Mastroianni Arts

Larry Zuzik

April with Red Shadow, pencil/pastel, 27" x 20" by Larry Zuzik, $225 - Mastroianni Arts

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