Bruce Edwards

As an Artist working for the past 20 some years exploring everything from sculpture, performance, printmaking, photography, I find that sometimes looking back that there is a seeming lack of continuity to my work, perhaps my life, and thoughts. I get interested in an Idea and pursue it with singular focus. At this time I have converted my Studio to a screen print shop, and have placed the goal of printing one new image each week. At this time I have been on that line for about 6 weeks. I have been printing at my studio since May of 2008. The one a week has happened since I have finished the conversion from part sculpture studio/ auto shop to a workable print studio.

previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
Making It, May 1995
Carving, April 1997
Gestures, January 2000
Blondes and Boys with Gun, September 2010

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