Thing of Color work by Bruno Casiano opens Friday November 11th

As a child growing up in the Island of Puerto Rico, I encountered the wild rural life of a small town called Juana Diaz. Since, this has been the motivating factor of my artwork, composed of sub-conscience interpretations of mountains, mangos, ceiba trees, caves and the awareness of being on an island. This is the key part of the process of my work, which dips into these memories seen through the eyes of a young kid, where depth of a brilliant sky becomes entangled with leaves, branches, water, colors, forms and high contrast.

This euphoria of the creative process finds the measuring place in the tangible material. Two parallels, man and material interact concurrent to such objective, called art. The complexity of its continuous resurrection repeats itself in many stages throughout the entire existence in which materials are being manipulated. By these undetermined or determined allusions, composed by the surreal and real, singular and plural thoughts which constantly recall stages of  my human experience.

This subjectivity and visual pursuit for the “truth” is which gives birth to the process and creation, and continues to break esthetic interpretations, which results into my final art work.


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