Buddies work by Justin Brennan – Closing Reception ArtWalk Friday May 11th, Team of Rivals special performance

I deal with raw human emotion that is often represented through figures, abstract portraits, or completely abstract images. I use flat saturated color in most of my work because this is how I see our world and society; plainly, dismally, and vividly.  Human emotions are the focus of my work, although the content is sometimes revealed to me after the pieces are completed.

I am influenced by the skateboard and outsider art that surrounded me in my adolescence growing up in Cleveland, Ohio.  Other strong influences include urban art and any sort of Abstract Expressionism.

The members of Team of Rivals hail from the following bands:  The Heathers, Dead Federation, Missile Toe, Zero Defex, CD Truth, Numbskull, Starvation Army, Oral Authority, Pestilence and the SLAP Jazz Trio.  Gina Muscatello on Vocals, Jeff Hardy on Guitar, Mike Zubal on Bass and John Henry Scully on Drums have been part of

the Cleveland/Akron/Kent Garage/Punk music scene for over 20 plus years.  The band was formed in 2011 for the sake of those who do not drink tea before, during or after a gig.
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