Instant Impressionism- Automatic Paintings the Polaroid Way work by Daiv Whaley opening reception Friday March 9, 6 – 10 p.m.

Instant Impressionism- Automatic Paintings the Polaroid Way

Work by Daiv Whaley

I find myself working in several mediums depending on the need for certain technologies. Polaroid photography, on the other hand, is simply a love—a joy and a love of ‘accidentally’ capturing some perfect moment of beauty in the natural world and watching it develop before my eyes. It’s like the toy prize in the bottom of the Cracker Jacks box, like the B-side single you’ve never heard from a favorite band.

Flowers are amazing creations—their colors, shapes and sizes suggest explosions out of the earth—floral fireworks. Again, their organic systems—building themselves up out of the ground from tiny seeds and synthesizing energy out of pure sunlight, water and soil—make them amazing machines and self-building architectures. Good designs from the greatest Designer!

My Polaroids are attempts to fuse a sci-fi aesthetic to natural beauty. Using angles, close-up shots, light intensity, intentional blurriness, as well as my own manipulations of the film as the pictures develop, I strive to create a modern or even futuristic feeling with each photograph – more how paintings affect me and feel to me. The title of each piece also contributes to this aesthetic, since words are very important. Interestingly, each year color becomes more and more important in this collection – more painterly, as if the Polaroids are becoming automatic paintings of sorts, which is where the title for this exhibit originates.

These selections have been compiled from a 19-year ongoing project, learning how to get instant film to express my feelings. Bright & beautiful open edition prints, I hope you enjoy this fun method for capturing light and color

Daiv Whaley, March 2012


Daiv Whaley studied Writing, Journalism & English Literature at Kent State University. Although active in graphic arts in high school, it was not until residing in the art dorm at university that he began to catch the art bug, promoting local punk shows and then God through flyers he stapled around campus. Stints living in Chicago and the Cleveland/Akron area exposed him to artists like Dan Flavin, Marc Chagall, Barb Kruger, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol. Working in several mediums – Polaroid and cell phone photography, propaganda, light & sound works, Eco-art and performance, Whaley has shown at Lake Erie College, the Beck Center for the Arts, ROY G. BIV (Columbus), Asterisk Gallery, Akron Public Library, Ingenuity Festival, First Night Akron, ASAP (Chicago), Art Metro, Brandt Gallery, North Water Street Gallery (Kent), Zombo Gallery (Pittsburgh), and the Second Floor Gallery (Chicago), among others. He has curated several exhibits in Cleveland galleries and performed in a self-produced cable access TV program, at the Cleveland International Performance Festival, with GROOP at Spaces Gallery, and at the Mattress Factory and Chicago’s Fringe Festival in support of Kristen Baumlier.      His favorite influences are God, nature, Rock & Roll, Sci-Fi and language. Whaley is also a culture journalist and is at work on his first comic book story.

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