Jess Wheelock

Jess is an artist currently living and working in Cambridge, MA. When Jess was young, she thought that she didn’t have enough problems to be an artist. Now she realizes that she has all sorts of problems. Maybe it’s a bad idea to say that she has “problems” because that is sort of a vague and loaded word. I mean, when a person says “problems” maybe you imagine something really big and awful. But sometimes little problems are big problems, if you know what I mean. And anyways, not all problems are bad. Well, problems are bad, but they’re also occasions for opportunity. Or that’s what people like to say when its time to make the best out of a situation.
Maybe this is getting confusing. Let’s try this again. Jess is interested in making fun out of problems – making fun with failure and calamity.

previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
New Work by the Old and Defeated Jess Wheelock, January 2006

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