Judith Brandon

Earthquakes, tornados, tidal waves, volcanoes: the Earth is teeming with what seems to be a new era of extreme weather. We are feeling vulnerable to Mother Nature’s power. It’s an ancestral gene that’s there to remind of us of our impermanence, and that we should try to do better while we’re here. I have always felt a strong connection to the planet, and I am constantly evaluating these crazy natural events when I sit down to work. When I put brush to paper I am having a dialogue with the planet and my materials.  I sponge the natural world, absorbing the drama, beauty and sadness, and reinterpreting it in ink and charcoal on paper. Mine is an emotional connection, in multiple layers of random washes, honed down into one narrative moment of nature. Some of the most beautiful things in life are also the most frightening. That’s where I like to be when working.

previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
New Work, April 1998
New Work, July 1999

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