Kathy Ireland Smith (aka Lady K)

Kathy Ireland Smith a.k.a. ‘Lady K’  and “Har-vessel” is an artist and poet from Tremont, Ohio. Har collects items it finds on its running and walking routes for use in art. It believes the point of art is to venerate the possibilities and abundance and experience of Creation, to create new possibilities for introspection via virtual landscapes in art, and to muse over what Eye finds interesting via organic growth, process, plan and serendipitous accident.
This particular piece, “On,” features sunglass lenses found in Tremont. Har believes lenses help Art see. The pockmarks are features of interest to Har and help it understand ideas about beauty. Every “thing” is beautiful and intends to be good within its context of understanding, therefore it all is good, but some parts are more good than other parts. This is a rough description of Har and Art and is not complete; perhaps there is much to learn about Har and Art!

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