Kiss Me Quick – Eric Susyne

Eric Susyne
Kiss Me Quick
July 11 – 27, 1997
mixed media silhouettes

Kiss Me Quick:

There had been two recurring themes in my work up to this point; smouldering images of
gay male eroticism, and English History. The iconic seeming Devil Boy had his roots in sketches of the male models used for phone-sex lines. These tousled hair young mens seemed to fuse the aesthetic of the gay avatar along with a devlish, trashy bad boy image. The blotches of makeup colored paint add to the portrait like quality of this distached heads. Molly houses (the 18th c. English precursors to gay bars) and their inhabitants formed the historically correct images also depicted in this show. The amalgam of camp hijinks and hardcore gay sex that occurred at these early meeting houses somehow seemed an apt counterpart to the unattainable perfection represented by the horned Boy.

Eric Susyne

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