Multisensory Perception – Brenda Stumpf

I am intrigued by a force beyond the personality.  Limitation of the five senses urges me to look beyond the realm of time, space, and matter.  That has led me to the doorstep of quantum physics where I have begun a new kind of consciousness about the physical world, and embracing larger truths about the nonphysical world. Quantum physics and metaphysics are important ingredients and each have a strong foothold on my perspective of the Universe and ways in which to explore and express it. I present views of multisensory perception, which is a perspective that I believe to be more accurate than that of the five senses alone. The lyrical quality of lines, or the sweeping movement of shapes represents threads of ever-moving energy.
Research is a large and important aspect of the approach. When reading, I am aware there exists an energy dynamic behind, or carried by words and symbols often termed
as alchemical text. When invoked, an ex- change of spiritual currency occurs between
the nonphysical portion of myself and the alchemical text. Then there is a distillation process that transpires after these communications and the output is my personal icon-
ography.  Of the interpretations/creations of this alchemy some strike a chord of joy others sorrow, but both compose the symphony of the human experience. Both resound within each of us.

Brenda Stumpf

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