Jeanette Thomas closing reception Saturday February 1, 7 – 10 p.m. music by Iron Oxide

Work by Kat Stewart

K. Stewart, "Pchyolka," latex on canvas, 2010

Fundamentals of Engineering work by K. Stewart

Since moving to Cleveland over 10 years ago, Stewart has played in several local bands (Black Cabbage, Iron Oxide, Mohammad Cartoon, Budapest Dojo). She works with paint, photography, fabric, and linotype, having last exhibited at the December 2012 Decay in Response: Pink Noise edition. A graduate of Cleveland State’s Electrical Engineering program, Stewart has a polymathic range of interests, from linguistics and graphic design to robotics and video games.

Work by Jeanette Daphne Thomas

Extended Family work by Jeanette Daphne Thomas

Thomas studied at CSU for two years, followed by a brief stint at CIA. “Since then,” she writes, “I’ve made event fliers for my previous bands, made cover art for friends bands albums, including a 7-inch record for Herzog, released on the UK’s Transparent Records, and [for] my current band, The Very Knees. . . . Comic books got me into making art, and sustained me while keeping my form progressing. As far as portraiture, there is nothing more interesting or telling than the human face; it contains a world, as well as life’s secrets and mysteries, the universe in miniature.”

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