Object of Beauty work by Cynthia Penter and Michelle Marie Murphy runs through November 3rd

Photo video exhibition by Michelle Marie Murphy and Cynthia Penter

What contemporary advertising and media culture continues to broadcast as acceptable and expected in female appearance, gives these artists the material to examine the motivations of the wearer and the observer of beauty standards, treatments, and products. This multimedia exhibit explores opposing positions in the relationship between consumption and rebellion of these ideals.

Producing macro close-ups of the adorned, treated body and beauty “tools,” Murphy and Penter shift the gaze from the female as a subject to over-the-counter beauty maintenance products. The repeated forms magnify the subject creating optical plays for the viewer to discern. The resulting images blend perceptual space and our cultural space, revealing the image of beauty as both an idealized abstraction and socially constructed consumable obsession.

The subject matter will center around mostly women and the actual objects to which they will relate. Posturing what does the audience bring to the idea of beauty, and whether the observer or the creator is more controlling of the notion of what passes as beauty or not.

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