Shadows: Photography by David Novak and Celebrate 20 Years of Tremont ArtWalk, Fri. Feb. 8 – Councilman Joe Cimperman presentation at 6 p.m.

David Novak began photography in the 9th grade when he found an old Brownie camera in the family’s basement complete with film.  He took pictures of his sister (then twelve) and her new kitten, had the film developed, and found there were pictures on that same roll of film from when his sister was six. Like a Twilight Zone episode, he had stepped back in time and was instantly hooked.

Following up on the Euclid Park Beach photographs he took with the 201 Minolta he got in college and exhibited at Brandt Gallery in 2010, Novak’s new exhibit explores shadows in the digital age. Noting that “digital color is so honest, it can be unforgiving,” Novak explores how the shadows so integral to the black-and-white medium of 50 years ago return to impact the digital print.

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