Sensory Overload Chamber and Black Velvet

Blue Valium on Black Velvet - Terry Durst

The idea of a black velvet show started, as I remember it, in a drunken conversation at Sindy’s bar.  It turned out that a surprising number of people actually owned a piece of black velvet art.

In a later conversation with Jean, we talked about me actually organizing such a thing.

schematic for Sensory Overload Chamber

I tentatively said maybe and started asking around.  Another surprising number of people were actually willing to make a piece with a black velvet theme. Artists included: Joan of Art, Marc Clements, Terry Durst, Bruce Edwards, Frank Green, Ron Naso, Steven B. Smith, Steve Torkar, Laila Voss, Beth Wolfe, Maria Winiarski, and a number of others who I hope are only slightly miffed that I just can’t remember (for instance there was a late submission of a truly exquisite tall black velvet chair sculpture.)

It should also be noted that this show served as a good backup for Charlotte Pressler’s freaky little ride.

Jay Clements, curator

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