The Queen Said “I’m Aghast” – Eric Susyne

The Queen Said I’m Aghast:

Punk as Fashion had reemerged in 1994 in a way that seemed ironic at first;
Chanel safety pins, Versace bondage trousers, etc., until one reexamined the stylistic basis for the London movement in the first place: rebellious STYLE at 430 The King’s Road.

As a young teenager, the Punk graphics of Jamie Reid excited me; they were raw, visceral, and the antithesis of the slick Modernism that disco/dance music was purveying.  I liked both, though.  One was full of style and violence, the other full of….well…gay desire.  Later, in the early 1980s, as that same bored teenager from a suburban bedroom,  I fell in love with the maudlin Smith’s.

This show of prints and paintings and color copies of color copies referenced all of the aforementioned. Queens were obliterated and enlarged;  graphics and lyrics stolen, not borrowed, from 1978-1985. A retro-trip as an antidote to the times.  Pretty, and pretty vacant those buses — headed to Nowhere, or Boredom.

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