Transparent Architecture work by Pete (Pedro) Dell

P e t e “pedro” D e l l

Seeker – Student – Photographer – Musician – Poet – Father – Grandfather – Husband

Join me in a creative process that begins in my mind’s eye, enters through a lens, is captured by a chemical film, realized on paper, and interpreted by you. I hope to trigger a flow of emotions, questions, and ideas that contemplate mankind’s contribution to, and disruption of, the natural world.

I strive to present works that tap into that space between one’s imagination and the “real” world. A photograph that is a factual representation of an object doesn’t impart the same excitement to me, as art that is open to interpretation.

My favorite works often result from serendipitous errors that happen in the process of creation, or result from accidents of the mechanical processes. We live in a world of mistakes and errors, which serve to foster our imagination.

Also featured at the opening Tremont ArtWalk Friday August 13 drumming performance Pete Dell and Scott Pickering.

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