Tremont Artwalk

In the early nineties, I was fortunate enough to find myself living in Tremont,
at the time a very Bohemian little neighborhood.  Even more fortunate to meet Miss Jean Brandt who was my mentor in my Tremont art Experience.  Thanks to her,
I was able to start the Tremont ArtWalk in partnership with Miss Jean Brandt.  It allowed us to share great works of art and the not so great of my friends and
neighbors with the world.

If I had it to do over again,  I wouldn’t change a thing.   Thanks to Jean for all her support and friendship and maybe even future partnerships always in support of art.

Sandy Rotkowski

Sandy managed a bar, Edison’s Pub, in the Tremont neighborhood through the nineties.  The Tremont ArtWalk (happens the second Friday of every month) originally organized by Sandy Rotkowski and Jean Brandt became the most significant marketing campaign for this neighborhood during the 1990′s and continues to this day.

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