Two Cannons and an Icon July 13 – August 3, 2012

Untitled photograph by Barbara Merritt

Two Cannons and an Icon

Photography by Barbara Merritt, David Szekeres and Munroe Copper

Music provided by Librarian

July 13 – August 4, 2012

Three long time friends and artists that have been a part of Tremont art scene for over twenty years come together in this exhibit that seeks to explore each of their own uses of photography in their artistic endeavors.
Ever since she was gifted a Pentax K1000 in 1994, Merritt’s conscious life has been driven by the world of photographic imagery. Immediately, the science and manipulation of film chemistry and the philosophy of imagery had her hooked. Although she has never worked within the moving picture genre, she is continually mesmerized by it. This series is a short story. The viewer will inevitably fill in the blank spots with their own creativity.
Szekeres has had three solo exhibits at Brandt Gallery since his first in 2000, Only in My Dreams. Of that body of work, he says that he “delved into my memory bank of images I had seen or experienced in dreams. This provoked more emotional reaction than I had expected.” While Szekeres began his fine art exhibiting with a mix of drawings and paintings, he eventually found that he began to first take a manipulated photograph of what he wished to paint. He has moved on towards also showing his photography as its own exhibit.
Tremont resident Munroe Copper has show extensively in Tremont. While some 20 years ago he showed much sculpture, in recent years he has moved more towards his photography. His maritime photos are often displayed at Grumpy’s. For this exhibit Copper is experimenting with various images and scale of reproduction. In a word, BIG.

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