TWO YODY’S YODY/Examples/ YODY/Study in Nature: Rebecca Yody and Tom Yody, music by Librarian February 14th Tremont ArtWalk

With over two decades of experience in performance and creative arts, Rebecca Yody is continuously striving to find new ways of expression. She has recently exhibited her work at SmartSpace and Two Girls from Cleveland / The FOUNDRY Store. Tom Yody taught at the Cooper School of Art in the 1970s and returned to Cleveland in 2012, invigorated by the thriving art scene and inspired by what he refers to as “the work-a-day, blue shirt commitment and dedication of the artists here.” In Fall 2013, Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery exhibited Yody’s abstract drawing and sculptures evoking the non-representational surrealism of Yves Tanguy and the organic structures of Antonio Gaudi.

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