Vincent Como

Toward Singularity is an ongoing project by Brooklyn based artist Vincent Como which will launch in the gallery space of the storage unit that is Sommerkampf to display and disseminate a series of new work on paper.  The singularity in question refers to the infinitely small and infinitely dense point toward which all things move within the gravitational pull of a Black Hole; the final inescapable destination of all that dare cross the Event Horizon.  In utilizing the pedestrian vernacular of standard 8.5 x 11 inch xeroxed pages rather than traditional fine art materials Como has produced an unlimited edition of Black printouts which will be made freely available in order to spread the infinite blackness of that singularity to potentially any and everyone who comes in contact with the project.  This then, splits reality into two distinct realities for the viewer: one wherein the singularity is the physical manifestation at Sommerkampf and another, where the singularity is this individual page removed from the location.  These two distinct realities may then coincide or conflict with any number of other realities as experienced by the individuals who engage the piece, as none of their experiences will be exactly the same.  Rather, they will each be processed through the various possible combinations of physical receptors and experienced histories informing their view(s).  By branching out in this way, the project then begins the journey toward an infinite singularity, a collective subconscious singularity, a thorough eradication and collapse of all these previous realities into yet another; an end reality.  One that will take all of those different potential culminations of realities over thousands of years and with the final breath of human consciousness, give in to the singular manifest nothingness.

previous Brandt Gallery exhibits:
Untitled (Inflated Space), July 1999

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